Pastor Profile

Pastor Nathan Strutz

I love Jesus. I love the Words of Jesus. I love the people for whom Jesus died.

I was born in Freeport, Illinois, on May 17, 1971.  I was declared a child of God through Holy Baptism on May 23, 1971. I lived in Illinois for six years until my parents moved to Racine, Wisconsin in 1977. While in Racine, I attended grade school at Wisconsin Lutheran School.

I grew up with one older brother, Rod, and two younger sisters, Shelley and Melissa.  Both of my sisters are adopted from Korea.  I attended high school at Shoreland Lutheran High School, near Kenosha, Wisconsin.  During my high school years, the Lord led me to study for His holy ministry.

I went to Northwestern College in Watertown, Wisconsin, graduating in 1993.  I continued my studies for the pastoral ministry at Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary in Mequon, Wisconsin.  

In July of 1995, I was married to Elizabeth.  We have two sons.

Upon graduating from the seminary in 1997, I was called by the Wisconsin Synod to serve Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in Holmen, Wisconsin and Bethel Lutheran Church in Galesville, Wisconsin.   In March of 2002, my family and I moved to Galesville and began serving Bethel Lutheran full-time at its two campuses in Galesville and Arcadia.

After thirteen years of serving Jesus as a pastor, I received the call to serve at Resurrection in Verona. The Lord led me to accept the call. I was installed as the second resident pastor of Resurrection Lutheran Church in Verona, Wisconsin, on October 10, 2010.

My family and I are excited to be living in Verona and serving God and his people. We stand ready to serve our church and community in any way possible. 

Jesus lived. Jesus died. Jesus rose.


Vicar Ben Phelps

I grew up in Plymouth, WI. My father, Tom, is an aerial photographer and works out of the Sheboygan airport. My mother, Susan is a retired WELS teacher and currently works as an interpreter at the Wade House Historic Site in Greenbush, where I have also worked. I have a younger brother Frederick who is a specialist in the Army and is based in California. My sister, who is very talented musically, is in her senior year at Plymouth Public High School.  My whole family and I enjoy history and traveling all over the country (and sometimes the world) to spend time outdoors and seeing places of historical interest and significance.
Molly and I were married on June 18 and took our honeymoon in Door County. I am very thankful for my thorough education at MLC and WLS.  I have had many opportunities to serve the Lord through WELS Kingdom Workers or the Summer Vicar program in Minnesota, Tennessee, Texas, Nevada, North Carolina, and Wisconsin. This past summer I served as a summer vicar at Bethany in Manitowoc. I pray these opportunities will aid in my service and training here in Verona.  Molly and I are eagerly looking forward to serving you this year.