What to Expect
    What should I wear?
  • Most people typically wear anything from jeans to business casual to something more, but feel free to come as you are.  We're just glad you're here.  Outward appearance doesn't matter to God, and it doesn't to us.
    Where should I sit?
  • Feel free to sit wherever you'd like and where you feel comfortable.  There's no expected or assigned seating, so don't feel pressured to sit up front if you don't want to, especially if you have little kids.  The ushers are always happy to find an open seat for you.
    What should we do about the kids?
  • Jesus didn't shy away from welcoming children (Mark 10:13-16), and so we are always glad to have children with us in worship.  There is a separate room to the back of the worship space where you can take them out if you want to or where they can play.  It has an audio circuit and a window which looks straight into the worship space, so you won't miss anything.  Don't feel embarrassed if they aren't completely quiet.  They're kids - we don't expect them to.  Sunday school is offered right after the service so that children can be an active part of Resurrection and meet other kids their age.
    What about singing?
  • The Lutheran church has cherished hymns to convey the good news about Jesus in a memorable way.  So it might strike you that we sing more songs than what you may be used to.  We know there can be many new things in a worship service and understand if it's hard to sing along right away.  Don't feel bad about just listening until you are comfortable to participate at any level you wish. 
    What about the offering?
  • There's a bad rumor going around that the church just wants your money.  That's not true.  The church wants you to be in heaven with Jesus.  The offering is simply one way for our members to say thank you to Jesus for all he has done for us.  We don't expect you to contribute to the offering - don't feel bad about just passing it along.  We're just glad you're here.  During the offering we pass around the red friendship register so that we can get to know everyone a little better and thank you for your visit. 
    What about communion?
  • Resurrection practices close communion every Sunday except the first of the month.  The Bible teaches (1 Corinthians 11:17-34) that communion is a precious gift from God where he gives us forgiveness is a very special and personal way.  It states that it is not just a vertical arrow between us and God but also a horizontal arrow where we confess that we are in complete unity with those who partake it with us.  We invite members to come forward for communion and ask visitors to simply observe until we have a chance to explore and learn this with you more.  Just like a doctor will explain beforehand how to take a medication for your benefit and not your harm, it would be unloving for us to ask a visitor to join us in communion before we can talk about it together.  We simply can't look into anyone's heart, and thus we would like to make sure we are on the same page in what we believe by discussing it together.  If you have any questions, the pastor is always willing to set up a time to study this part of God's Word with you.   If you would like to take communion in the future, we would love to make that happen.
    What about the coffee & refreshment time afterwards?
  • We treasure our Christian friendships and are always glad to form new ones.  Before worship, we often visit with each other for awhile and regularly have free snacks, coffee, and juice after the service.  Always feel free to stay - you are not overstaying your welcome.