Bible 101 Class

Whether you would like to crack open the Bible for the first time, would appreciate a review of the core teachings of the Bible, are interested in joining Resurrection, or are skeptical to Christianity and want to bring the tough questions, this is for you.  We offer a no cost, no obligation basic Bible information course which will give participants a solid, foundational understanding of God's Word.  This can start at any time and meet on an individualized basis.   Each of the five sessions lasts about an hour.  Topics include:

  • "Can I be sure I'm going to heaven?"
  • "Do I need Jesus?"
  • "Does Jesus love me?"
  • "How can I believe in Jesus?"
  • "How to good works fit in?"

Contact Pastor Nathan Strutz 24/7 if you have any questions, would like more information, or would like to sign up.  
Office: (608) 848-4965
Cell: (608) 515-4334